The Concept

Every year, courageous company founders seek their luck with a promising idea. There is hardly a place where progress is sought with as much courage and risk. The GFFT has launched the German Startup Cup to bring the many outstanding developments into the spotlight.

Startups from the digital environment can participate in the competition and present their innovative technologies and products to a specialist audience. Large companies participate in the events as co-organizers and sponsors.

Visiting the events offers professionals of technology-using companies the opportunity to get a concise overview of new technological developments and to get in direct contact with the founders of exciting products and platforms.

Through preliminaries and a final the winners in the categories IT security, logistics, FinTech, Industrie 4.0 and organizational intelligence are identified while the startups present their solutions in short pitches.

The winners of the respective events are chosen by the audience. For this purpose, the startups are evaluated in a voting app specially developed for the startup cup. The audience will rate each startup pitch with regard to their product or technology, the economic development of the company and the pitch itself. The app automatically determines a ranking of the startups and the winners of each event.